Saturday, February 18, 2012


I do not like politics. I think politics at best is a dirty and underhanded game that effects millions of lives.

I tell myself often that I should not write political posts, but then I see wing nuts taunting the moderates and the middle class and poor and I feel like I have to say something or bust open.

I read something yesterday that shocked me.

Once again it was Glen BecKKK, the televangelist master of cruelty, the psycho-twisted comedian and one of the outspoken leaders of the Republican Tea Party.

BecKKK was giving a retrospective opinion on the history of slavery in America. He was of the opinion that slavery began as a “seemingly innocent idea” and that big government screwed it up.

What a crock of BS that is.

I am not kidding: He really said it. It made me wonder if he and Rush Limbaugh might be sharing the same drugs.

People need to stand up against this kind of thinking. To say nothing at all and to accept it without a word of protest is not good for America.

Anyone who condones and praises Glen BecKKK and his ilk is also condoning and praising racism. No one can ever convince me otherwise.

Slavery was never an innocent idea. From the dawn of history slavery has been all about profiting from human misery.

G. L. J.

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